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Pilates 5 week Beginners Course
Evening Class

​Join us for this 5 week beginners Pilates course and put a spring in your step!

The winter season is nearly at an end, the evenings are getting lighter so its time to put a spring in your step and refresh your body and mind!


If you have been wanting to give Pilates a go but you haven’t been able to make the class times because of work then our evening class is perfect for you.


Why you should come to our Pilates Evening Classes?

✅You will learn how to practice Pilates CORRECTLY & EASILY anywhere.
✅The exercises are low-impact and can help you improve your posture, strengthen your whole body and release your stiffness
✅You will feel more bendy and flexible

✅It’s a great place to leave the stresses and strains of your job behind and focus on your body & mind.
✅You will leave the class feeling more relaxed and ready for the evening ahead.


Book today and come along and join my friendly evening class – I would love to see you there!  This course is open to those who are beginners or have done Pilates before and want to relearn the basics and foundations of Pilates.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
2014 Fer Cheval-2030.jpg

Cyril - France

I have much more supple joints and muscles leading particularly to a reduce lower back pain.


Laura - France

I felt good because the teacher adapts the exercises to different levels so if, as for example in my case, you have not practiced Pilates for a long time, you feel good and you can do all of the exercises at your own pace.

Flo DeNav.jpg

Flo - France

Best result - No more pain, I’ve also taken on new sports I would not have been capable of doing a year ago. Probably the fittest I’ve been in a long while - result!

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