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Summer Classes 2024


Discover the Power of Movement this Summer:

Embark on a transformative journey with our carefully curated selection of six focused classes, each designed to explore the unique movements of your body and repeated at different times and at different levels throughout the summer. Gain valuable insights and practical tools that will empower you to incorporate these principles into your everyday life.

Unleash your body's potential and join us today!

Do you love the outdoors, cycling, running, hiking, skiing, etc but feel the ‘kiss of time’ when trying to do something you’ve always been able to do before?


Never done Pilates before but feel like trying a few classes out over the summer to gain a better understanding of how it can help you?

Would you like to increase flexibility and mobility?

Work on your core strength, connection and stability?

Do you have an old injury that you feel you just have to live with?

Pilates is a fantastic way to support your love of everything outdoors and get you moving with some beautiful exercises that can challenge you both mentally and physically.

Imagine yourself being able to do the things you love, with fewer aches and pains. 


Each class is focused on different areas of your body and will:

  • Develop your body awareness so that you are working in your ideal position

  • Focus on specific areas to balance your body and increase flexibility

  • Develop optimal muscle use to help prevent further injuries

  • Challenge your core strength to improve your balance and performance

  • Improve mobility to relieve stresses and strains on your body

To have a look at the Classes Timetable CLICK HERE

We want to help make your Summer 2024

the best summer ever with these SPECIAL OFFERS

only 5 of each pass is available so be quick!


SUMMER MONTH CLASS PASS 6 classes for the price of 4 - €60

Usual Price: €90




Actual price for 2 classes per week: €180


*All the classes are mainly taught in English

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Janet - France

"wonderful workshops on Hips this morning.

I found concentrating on one area extremely helpful in understanding how muscles work with each other!

Thank you.


Dave - France

Simple things like reaching back for my car seat belt and looking over my shoulder when reversing are so much easier


Margaret - France

Great workshop discovering the workings of my spine, in particular the need to use your neck correctly.  I didnt realise how lazy I was.  I now have simple exercises to ensure a pain free neck in the future!

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