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Claim your free 30 minute consultation and start working to ease your aches and pains

🌟 PRIVATE Pilates classes in Giffre Valley!

  • Are your issues too complicated for a group class?

  • Would you like to increase flexibility and mobility or work on your stability and core muscles?

  • Are you recovering from a specific injury or surgery and don't feel ready to join a group class?

  • Love the outdoors, skiing, cycling, running, hiking etc but feel the ‘kiss of time’ when trying to do something you’ve always been able to do before?

Pilates is a fantastic way to support your love of everything outdoors and get you moving.


In Private classes, we have time just for you to

  • ✅ Develop your body awareness so that you are working in your ideal position

  • ✅ Work on specific movements to balance your body and increase flexibility

  • ✅ Develop optimal muscle use to help prevent further injuries

  • ✅ Strengthen your core to improve your balance and performance

  • ✅ Improve mobility to relieve stresses and strains on your body

  • ✅ Reach your goals quicker

Click below to claim your FREE ‘Tailored just for me’ 30-minute consultation

and I will get you booked in.


In your private consultation, we will identify your personal needs, develop and set goals to address those needs and work together to achieve them.


💕 Cant wait to see you on the mat!!

2014 Fer Cheval-2030.jpg

Cyril - France

I have much more supple joints and muscles leading particularly to a reduce lower back pain.


Laura - France

I felt good because the teacher adapts the exercises to different levels so if, as for example in my case, you have not practiced Pilates for a long time, you feel good and you can do all of the exercises at your own pace.

Flo DeNav.jpg

Flo - France

Best result - No more pain, I’ve also taken on new sports I would not have been capable of doing a year ago. Probably the fittest I’ve been in a long while - result!

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