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Terms and Conditions

    Free taster sessions are booked online through the website.
    All classes, 1:1 sessions and workshops/courses are booked and pre-paid on the INSPIRE website or app. When full payment has been received, classes may be booked or amended in advance - first come first served. It is up to you to correctly book the specific class you want.
    Bookings made are not transferable to another person.

    Classes are published in advance, on the INSPIRE website.
    Classes run weekly throughout the year for a minimum of 42 weeks.
    Holiday Periods, in one calendar year ie Jan - Dec, normally occur during school holidays, but are not limited to school holiday periods, and will be published on the INSPIRE calendar and FB page.
    Classes run to a published timetable.
    Private sessions and other activities run as agreed with the INSPIRE proprietor, Karen Jackman

    Payment Methods
    INSPIRE’s preferred method of payment is online through the website. Any other method of payment must be agreed with the owner prior to attending classes.
    Payments are not refundable. In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Inspire, credit against future classes may be offered.
    Monthly subscriptions that start mid-month will pay monthly from the date of the first payment.
    Payment Plans
    You sign up for 6 months (minimum of 21 classes) with payments spread over the 6 month period by a monthly card payment. One month notice of cancellation is required in writing. Payment is based on a minimum of 21 Classes (in a 6 month period) to be taken within the published timetable. Classes missed cannot be refunded separately.
    Payment for workshops/extra courses
    These are Individual / Group sessions and payment is made online at sign up for the workshop/course.
    PAYG (available ONLY to clients with current membership – see 7.0 for more information)
    Payment is made per class, online, as agreed in advance with the Inspire proprietor, Karen Jackman 
    Annual Subscription – payment in full online
    If a one off Annual Subscription is offered it is to be paid in full online.  This Annual Subscription includes unlimited group classes, online or in studio but does not include any extra courses or workshops that are offered during the year, separate to the scheduled group classes.

    Classes and Sessions
    There is a 12-hour cancellation policy for all Classes and Sessions, so please book out if you cannot make the class – you will be charged for last minute cancellations. (I understand life happens, so let me know ASAP should any emergencies arise).
    If we have to cancel Classes or Sessions for any reason then we will either run catch ups or credit your account for a future Class or Session within the month. Virtual Classes or Sessions may be offered as a replacement.

    When you sign up to a monthly payment plan at Inspire you gain immediate access to the exclusive Members area with access to Recorded Pilates Classes and short sessions.
    Membership commences on receipt of your first payment and automatically ceases at the end of each Payment Block or at the end of the notice period if a plan is cancelled.

    Our Classes, run as small groups both online and in the studio, are available to all ages and levels of fitness, subject to suitability, noting that under 16s must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Payment is made online by Payment plan.
    If you have a Payment Plan:
    -you are able to book or amend your booking online through the Inspire website or using the Inspire App, up to 12h before a session and subject to availability
    -prices are guaranteed not to increase during the 6 month membership year.
    -once booked (and subject to availability) you will receive your preferred choice of Class time and day for the full month period
    -you have 21 weeks to make at least 21 Classes either online or in studio
    -if you miss a booked class without adequate notice and without cancelling you will be classed as a non-attendee and will not be entitled to make up the Class or refunded.

  7. PAYG
    PAYG is offered only to clients with a current membership who wish to attend an additional Class. PAYG may also be offered for events and workshops advertised outside normal sessions. Payment must be made on the website or app to book into the class.

    We offer Individual (1:1, 1:2) on request, subject to availability and paid for in advance.
    -you are able to book or amend your booking online using the website or app.
    -if you miss a booked session without adequate notice you will be classed as a non-attendee and will not be entitled to refund.
    -regular weekly time slots cannot be guaranteed each week, although every effort will be made to achieve this for clients who request it.

    You will pay in full online when you book.
    -cancellations up to 7 days before the workshop or event will receive a 50% refund
    -specific booking conditions may apply and will be advised before you book

    I offer Virtual Classes and Sessions as well as Studio classes.
    Online Content will be made available to support Members.
    In some circumstances, Virtual Classes may be offered instead of Studio or Community based Classes - we will contact you to advise details if this happens.
    By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.  Inspire, or any teachers wirking at the studio,  will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our fitness program, online fitness videos, or information shared on our website.  This includes emails, videos and text

    Promotions and special offers are subject to specific terms and will be published to all members at least 24 hrs before being available to others.

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