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Be Strong and Flexible

Reformer Pilates

Inspire has the perfect way to take your Pilates practice to the next level.  Whether you are a regular at Pilates or a beginner, the reformer exercises can be tailored to your needs.


With our NEW 1:1 Reformer classes, you'll unlock your full potential - strength, flexibility, resistance training and more!

Movement that Moves You

Inspire's reformer Pilates classes with Abbie, give you the power to create a personalized movement experience with variety and full-body workouts. With our low-impact classes, tailored just for you, you'll move better, stronger and faster than ever before.


Strength & Flexibility Together

With Inspire's reformer Pilates classes, you'll get the best of both worlds in one workout — strength training and flexibility. With a focus on form, stability and balanced movements, you'll gain the most from each session.


Resistance Training for Maximum Results

Using a reformer offers resistance through the springs for maximum results in minimal time. Abbie will guide you through every session to ensure proper form and technique for maximum results.


Get back in shape safely

You can rest assured that our classes are designed for your individual needs — we use low-impact exercises that provide all the benefits of a traditional workout without any risk to your body.

There is a small charge of €10 for the session which is refunded when you book your first block of lessons

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Caroline Sigrist

I have found you such an excellent and careful teacher and have so much enjoyed my Pilates sessions with you.

Emma Parr-Ferris

You're a great teacher and I've thoroughly loved coming along to your pilates classes

Marina Johnson

 I wanted to say thanks so much for all your patient support. I have really enjoyed the sessions and know that they have done me good

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