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  • Improve Balance and flexibility

  • Relieve aches and pains

  • Strengthen your joints to reduce the risk of injury

  • Experience freedom of movement

Look no further, claim your FREE space in one of our Senior Club classes where you will:

  • Learn some lovely exercises that will increase flexibility in your joints

  • Relieve aches and stiffness and make you move more freely and increase your energy.

  • Discover how Pilates can be a whole body and mind workout, increasing mobility, improving balance, and strengthening your joints thereby reducing the risk of injury

  • Find out how my other clients have benefited from doing classes

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I love my classes with Karen, she is very attentive and can tailor each exercise to suit my needs.

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Much more supple joints and muscles leading particularly to a reduction in back pain



I am so much stronger my back doesn't worry me anymore