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Believe in yourself…..

So, as some of you are aware this winter is turning out to be one of the most amazing snowy winters in the last few years. It’s sad, that due to the pandemic, we can’t share the mountains with everyone this year but I had a thought the other day … that maybe our environment needs just a little bit more time to breathe. But that’s a different post and not what I wanted to share today…

I wasn’t driving when I took this photo!!

A couple of weeks ago, my little ski racer went off to some of her races and I stayed at home to look after the animals and of course to teach my wonderful pilates clients. The other job I had to do was snow clearing (something that Toby normally does) up at a house in Agy. Simple really except for the fact that he had to take the 4×4 with Lucy so I had mum’s little VW Fox (not 4 wheel drive) and it was forecast to snow the whole 2 days they were away – and boy did it snow!! Before they left I was bringing Lucy back from school and talking to her about the fact that I was a little worried that I’d get stuck, drive off the road or something similar. I had lost my confidence a little last year when the 4×4 ended up in the ditch at the end of the drive after trying to get out on a particularly snowy morning (turned out to be a mechanical failure – the drive shaft broke!). Anyhow, Lucy told me that I had nothing to worry about, I was a great driver and that I had been driving in the mountains ever since I passed my license. She reminded me of the stories I had once told her of the time I was driving my dad’s 6 series BMW around the moutains in a snow storm because he had a couple too many to drive – I had only passed my test 3 months before, he had no snow chains and it was a rear wheel drive!!! So, I thought to myself….if the 18 year old Karen can do that why is the 50 year old Karen worrying about driving around in the snow, I have 32 years more experience in driving in all weathers, so I should just get on with it. I did and it was fine – a little hairy around the corners towards the top!

My biggest question from this is why as we get older do we stop believing in ourselves? Why do we start to think, oh I cant do that or we limit what we do just in case something happens. It all comes down to our sympathetic and parasympathetic system really but can we overcome this? Well, I think the answer should be and has to be yes. Obviously, deciding at an older age to start doing something new that has the potential to injure you is different – but it shouldn’t stop you, it might just take longer. Fear is a natural response and is there to keep you safe but take little steps at a time and you can overcome this fear. As we get older we shouldn’t stop doing the things that we’ve always done – yes you can be more careful about things, we don’t bounce as we used to but never stop believing in yourself or your ability to do things. We all have the ability to live this life to the absolute fullest, don’t fear what you don’t know, embrace it and never stop believing that you can achieve more!

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas Edison
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