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Pause, Pokhara, Palin, and Pilates...

I have recently been following 21 Days on the Mountain by Sally-Anne Airey and today when I pressed Pause, I was reminded of an amazing trek that I did with my husband in Nepal back in Aug 2008. In one of my previous lives as an army wife, I was privileged to visit countries that otherwise I may never have done and whilst we were living in Pokhara, Nepal I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to go on a trek. But, unlike the common routes taken by hundreds of tourists each year, we were to walk along the route that an old friend had done back in 2003 when he and two retired Nepalese Gurkha officers disappeared and were presumed kidnapped by Maoist rebels. Michael Palin who was filming for his series Himalaya was with them and witnessed the incident. Needless to say, everyone returned home a few days later safe and sound but since this incident, there had been no other Westerners to walk this trail. I was assured that everything would be fine despite the current troubles in 2008.

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