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P3 Pilates moves to La Vielle Ferme for the winter

P3 pilates is very excited to be moving for the winter term.  From January to April all of my classes will be held at LVF in Samoens.  Thanks to the LVF family I have use of a wonderful bright room with plenty of space.

This winter stay healthy using the Pilates method as a natural preventative measure to keep yourself warm inside and out, and keep your immune system boosted.

Pilates has sound science-based effects on the internal systems as much as it does the musculoskeletal system. Yes, it will make us look good – tighten abs, lengthen the spine, improve posture. But the unseen, deep and health providing effects of doing Pilates are immeasurable.

Pilates exercises, while including the major muscle groups of the whole body, focus the work of the intrinsic muscles of the body which sit deep within joints and internal structures. Being able to work into these deep regions means that we will create much deeper circulatory responses and movement of fluids like lymph that clean out our bodies of toxins. It also offers us a direct stimulatory effect on internal organs, and thereby stimulation of the functions and chemical responses of systems such as the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems, which have a direct effect on our immunity and wellbeing.

With reasonably close access to the GME you can come to my early morning class on Tuesdays to do a morning warm up to get all the joints in your body moving, increase circulation of your blood and oxygen around your body, increase lymphatic circulation to remove toxins from the bodies tissues, and create internal metabolic heat.  All ready for a day on the slopes.

Or have a more relaxed morning and come to my later classes knowing that all the benefits of Pilates will keep you warm this winter.

Practicing Pilates can also help you to stay injury free so that you can enjoy a long winter season whether it be on the slopes of off.

Please click here for class times and bookings.

I look forward to seeing you all this winter.

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