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How can Pilates help your skiing or snowboarding?

3 of the main fundamentals of Pilates are Alignment, Breathing and Centring.  By incorporating these into your skiing/snowboarding you can help improve your ability and also prevent unnecessary injury.

In my Skilates class I will be focussing on using Pilates exercises to:

Increase your range of movement and flexibility in your joints – allowing your knees and hips to move freely and equally on both legs will improve your technique.

Ensure your alignment is correct – making skiing parallel so much easier when your ankles, knees and hips are correctly aligned.

Strengthen your core muscles – everything will work much better if all your deep muscles are working properly to protect your joints

Re-focus on your breathing – understanding how your breathing works to encourage good movement is fundamental to Pilates and once you have mastered this you will be amazed at how your breathing can help or hinder your movement whilst on the slopes.

My Skilates class will be held at LVF on Thursday 12h30 – 13h30.  Open to all.  Click here to book

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